Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2 in India: Out & About

Today was the first day of international student recruiting in India!  I arranged for my hotel to have a private driver take me to the school, which is only about 10-15 minutes away, but since I'm not sure if it's safe & didn't know where I was going the first day, I didn't feel comfortable walking.

Note the little tuk tuk driving toward us on the other side of the road!
There were about 25 representatives from various US universities who all met at USIEF in New Delhi this morning.  We were only half the crowd we were supposed to be because many were delayed by hurricane Sandy :(  

We took two buses to go visit a the Modern High School and then split into two groups, one went to visit Amity High School, and I took the one to visit a prestigious Engineering College, NSIT.

Our buses waiting for us outside of USIEF

Interacting with students at the Modern School after our presentations

Back on the buses, taking an hour long ride to NSIT

During this drive we got to see more of the "real" Delhi

My view from the stage in front of an auditorium full of undergraduate engineering students who are all much smarter than I will ever be.
On the drive back to our hotels, we were really able to see the stark reality of luxury living next door to poverty here.  These encampments were all along the highway.

Apparently today is a special holiday here for women, in which they dress up in red like brides and honor their husbands by fasting w/o food our water all day.  They call it Indian Valentine's Day.  Wonder if these poor women wearing red are also celebrating this day just like all the educated women we saw at the schools?

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